Saint Thomas More Parish Founded in 1946, experienced dramatic post WWII growth requiring a larger
place of Worship resulting in the dedication of a new Modern Designed Church
dedicated in 1957.

Saint Thomas More’s life is vividly portrayed in 16 beautiful stain glass windows
which narrate this dedicated Patron Saint. Natural light illuminates each
window with a caption of St. Thomas More’s life inspiring viewers to reflect
and benefit in their own individual way.

St. Thomas More wrote Utopia which reflects the character, strong will,
intelligence and wit of the author.

This architecturally and historically significant church, the Clergy and
Parishioners of St Thomas More Parish inspires our efforts to raise funds for
basic upkeep and maintenance.

The St Thomas More cards can be selected as a Prayer or a Mass card.

For a very reasonable fee of $5.00 for a Prayer card and $10.00 for a Mass card,
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The Clergy, Parishioners and Alumni of Saint Thomas More
deeply appreciate your support.
Saint Thomas More Church Chicago, IL 60652

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